Camino Colombia



Paying tolls on Camino Colombia is now faster and easier with a new high-tech tolling system. All tolls are collected electronically, so you never have to stop at a toll booth or dig for change. Simply prepay your tolls with an electronic TxTag account.

Drivers can no longer pay with cash or a swipe card on Camino Colombia. TxTag, the Dallas-area TollTag and Houston-area EZ TAG are all accepted on Camino Colombia. Another option for prepaying tolls is the Camino Colombia Day Pass.

New fees and changes to the TxTag License and Use Agreement are in effect and can be viewed on the TxTag website.

How does TxTag work?

With a TxTag sticker on your windshield, you pay your tolls without stopping. Devices above the toll lanes send a signal to the microchip inside your tag, and the toll is deducted automatically from your prepaid TxTag account.

TxTag is easy to install and is accepted on all toll roads in Texas. Note: TxTag is not currently accepted on Laredo's international bridges.

How much does TxTag cost?

If you sign up for AutoPay when opening a TxTag account, you will receive your TxTag sticker for free. If you do not enroll in AutoPay, you will be charged $13.85 for the TxTag sticker. Note: you'll need to prepay $20 in tolls to set up your TxTag account. Toll charges will be deducted from this prepaid balance, and you may add money to your account online, by phone or by mailing in a payment.

Getting a TxTag is easy:

  • Order one online
  • Call TxTag Customer Service toll free at 1-888-468-9824 (International: 001-512-874-9998) to request a TxTag and open an account

Keeping money in your account.

You may add funds to your TxTag account with a credit card by logging into your account at or calling us at 1-888-468-9824 (International: 001-512-874-9998). Checks and money orders payable to "TxTag CSC" may be sent to TxTag, P.O. Box 650749, Dallas, TX 75265-0749.  Be sure to include your TxTag account number on the check or money order. Please allow five to seven working days for mail delivery and posting to your account.

AutoPay = Easy Pay

By setting up AutoPay, you won't ever have to wonder if there is enough money in your TxTag account. With AutoPay, your credit card is automatically billed whenever your TxTag account drops to a pre-set low balance amount. AutoPay is safe and secure — and there's no charge for this convenient, time-saving service.

You may sign up for AutoPay online or by phone.

Special note for Laredo Trade Tag customers: The Laredo Trade Tag may not be used to pay tolls on Camino Colombia. If you have a Laredo Trade Tag, please call 1-888-468-9824 (International: 001-512-874-9998) to open a TxTag account. You will need to keep enough money in your TxTag account to cover the cost of your tolls on Camino Colombia. Though you will have a TxTag account, you should not install a TxTag sticker if you have a Laredo Trade Tag on your windshield.